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Holly is a woven and multidisciplinary textile designer and a graduate from the University of Brighton gaining first class honours in Textiles with Business Studies.

As a 2017 TexSelect finalist, she has exhibited collections in London and at Première Vision Designs, Paris. 

Having lived and worked in rural Peru for three months with artisan weavers, she has developed a deep interest in the need to preserve traditional textile and craft practices and the value of small scale, local production. 

Sustainability feeds into her own practice and yarns and materials are sourced locally wherever possible. Excess materials are kept and used for future weaving, winding experiments and collage developments. A passion for the bespoke and hand crafted remains at the heart of her design ethos.   

Her approach is diverse and highly experimental involving a wide range of mediums including photography, drawing, painting, collage and yarn windings. 

Lightweight silk, cotton and lambswool are used independently and in combination to produce versatile woven fabrics appropriate for a fashion or interior application.