The following designs are for a woven cushion collection created on a three month internship at Awamaki, Peru. Experimentation with motif, scale and composition create a diverse range for their SS 2016 interior collection. 

Awamaki is a non-profit organisation based in Ollantaytambo in Peru and helps to preserve traditional Peruvian textiles and improve the economic opportunities of local communities. Through providing Andean women artisans with projects,  workshops and connecting them to global markets, it is hoped that a threatened traditional craft will be protected, whilst women are empowered and can support their families and communities in a self-sufficient, sustainable way.

Yarns are dyed naturally using locally sourced plants and substances such as the Ch'illka plant and Cochineal beetles. Designs are intricately hand woven by women artisans in remote Andean communities using traditional backstrap looms. Final products are carefully constructed to a high standard by skilled Peruvian seamstresses at the Awamaki office. 

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